My approach

Yoga is a path towards global awareness. You’ll sit down and align your body, release the tensions in your face… and Ajna Chakra, internal awareness, will awaken. The voyage into the body begins, like taking off to a new destination – you’ll cherish the moment. Awareness seeps through the muscles, into the bones, and the breath joins in for an explosion of the senses.

A unique conversation begins between you and your internal organs – lungs, heart… and so many other fascinating treasures! Softening the spinal column awakens the chakras — the body is immersed with light, and a series of asanas follow in a Vinyasa flow. Feet rooted in the earth as we extend the body to the sky, the heart expands into a symphony of delicious notes orchestrated by the Universe…

Yoga is a way of life. Learning, structuring and humility take meaning, gently opening onto a realm of patience. Immersed in serenity, your new friend, your body, offers fresh sensations and the mind opens up. Unity of body, mind and universe make sense… through the senses.

My teaching approach and objectives are to invite you learn to listen to your body, learn the body’s language through feeling, sensation and awareness. Achieve the “right” posture for you and watch your mind expand into stillness.